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It seems like such a long time between Nov. 2nd and Nov. 9th and that is probably because it has been (in a manner of speaking). Nov. 2nd we were uncertain of our next commander in chief and Nov. 9th we are certain we are afraid of our next commander in chief. If it weren’t for the fact our blog has to stay relevant to our subject, I think an apropo infographic would more better be suited to reflect last night’s election.

Nonetheless, we are here to do an infographic.

First, we have to chose a topic relevant to our avatar, blog, tabletop prop, etc. I chose a winter theme as it reflects my avatar and tabletop prop and I will blog about it below. I found data for snowfall in Pennsylvania and decided at first to compare 1985-2000 and 2001-2015 snowfalls to see if they have increased, decreased, or remained the same. Then I was instructed to find something deeper. That was too hard because I couldn’t find the data I needed so I kept the comparisons as PART of my infographic, but not the subject. Instead, by default, I decided on doing Winter Storm preparation in PA. I focused on the Impact of Snow on the Roads and How to Winterize your car and how to Prepare for Snow, finally comparing the two fifteen-year snowfall charts to highlight it will only increase so we have to know how to be ready.

I selected my infographic in Piktochart, a format I am a little familiar with having done a project in a previous e-publishing class. I logged into piktograph using my google email and located ‘infographic’ choice at the top of the page. There I was directed to multiple selections of infographics. I chose ‘education’. I was given a template with instructions how I can add photos, charts, etc.

I will attach my (in progress) piktochart with a link. Please see below.


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