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I’m back and as promised, I will walk you through how you photoshop your avatar using Adobe Avatar. We will be watching a video by Terry White who is supposed to be very good with everything Adobe. Actually, I’m glad to hear that because I am learning adobe basics in another class. I have the whole set of CS6 before it became licensed and impossible to own. I think Adobe is something i really want to learn more about so i will buy a book about it that i found for just a few bucks about CS6 and watch more Terry White! Top 10 things Photopshoppers need to know…stay tuned for the link. Photoshop CC. 10 Things beginners want to know.

Not all people are comfortable in front of a camera. I am not. Instead, I chose a painting from Thomas Kinkade called “I’ll tell you when i check to see what it’s called”. It was a gift but it’s a very cozy winter scene. I love winter. It represents a time when people are together and most activities are done indoors. I took the pictures professionally last week, and blogged about the BEFORE. Here is the photo of BEFORE:



Below I will blog about the AFTER.

Drag photo folder on top of Bridge CC icon. Use zoom to click or drag. How to touch up a photo. Spot healing brush tool (looks like a bandaid) comes in the shape of a circle. Use bracket keys (next to letter P), or use brush icon to make them bigger or smaller. Stylus pressure helps cleaning quick and easy. Expeditiously to remove spots or blemishes. Filter menu: liquify-can help turn the frown upside down. Or command Z.

click this link and you will see my avatar in progress in Photoshop:


arrows are toggle for white, lower left hand.

layers are folded paper near trashcan, lower right.

black and white adjustment layer, in add an adjustment. under kings crown.

the eye symbols on the left side of the layers are turn on/off.

crop a photo. square under brush on left upper side. above syringe.

Helpful hint:

A skill I don’t have is posting pictures. But I just learned in class that if you want to change locations of pictures, you click edit post (at the top of the page) and then put your cursor over the pic. Once you do that. a menu bar will appear over the pic. Then you can click on one of the alignments and align it where you want.

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