Photoshopped Table Prop


On the left is the result of photoshopping the table prop.

As you may remember in the previous post, there were two plastic place holders. One suspended the snow scraper in mid-air, and the other supported the plate from the back. Also, the top and bottom of the photo were elongated.

I selected this photo because the colors more accurately represented and accentuated the photo, and I wanted to crop the top and bottom as well as photoshop out the plastic place holders.

To crop the photo, I moved the photo from a desktop file into photoshop. Then I selected the cropping tool on the upper left hand side of photoshop. I adjusted the photo to my desired specs and cropped.

To remove the plastic placeholders, I selected the lasso tool in the upper left side of photo shop and circled the obvious plastic reflections. Then I went to the edit tab on the top left above photoshop, clicked and scrolled down to the ‘fill’ selection. I clicked on fill and a window opened on the right hand side of the photoshop. It gave the option for ‘background color’ and another selection for ‘dissolve’. I clicked ok and repeated the process until the bulk of the visible plastic supporters were gone.

Then the third step was to remove the remaining chards of plastic supporters as well as balance out the section on the snowscraper where the hole from the supporter encircled it. I had to go to the upper left hand to select the ‘spot healer’ tool, which is located under the syringe-looking tool. The spot healer tool likes like a band-aid. I selected this tool and applied it above the items I wanted to airbrush out by ‘cloning’ the color I wanted. Then I dragged the tool down over the areas I wanted airbrushed out until I had as close to the desired original color as I could get. When I was finished, I went to the file tab above photoshop, scrolled down to save as, then a window opened and I scrolled down and selected jpeg, then scrolled back to the top and labeled it and saved it back in the original folder and voila, fini!


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