Lighting your Avatar

If you are going to blog, you will need an Avatar.avatar

No, not this one. I mean an Avatar that fits YOU! This could be a personal portrait or a picture that fits your blog or personality. This will help people identify with you or your blog. I mean, when we meet people, you see their visage. When we buy something, you see the image. So it’s only right if you are online, people have SOMETHING to relate to. An image should do the trick. I mean an Avatar.

But in order to make that avatar, you have to decide if you want something professional or a quick photo shot. I recommend professional, if you have the resources. If you really would like to do a professional Avatar, you will need a special kind of lighting. In Professor Coughlin’s class, we learn about two kinds of lighting. (Patience, I’m on lunch break and have to wash my dishes. I’ll be back this evening to talk about the lighting and show you the BEFORE).

Ok. I’m back. As promised, I am going to show you some BEFORE pictures. Next week, we will work on AFTER pictures.

So remember, to add a pic, you click ADD MEDIA.


and then click upload files.

then click select files.

then click insert into post.

You must put your cursor in the place you want your pic/s.

I put a far shot and a close up. This is my avatar BEFORE.

Now, back to the types of lighting for your professional avatar portrait.
Three point lighting, see below:

Above i used another function to insert the URL.

First, I went to the website for Three Point Lighting.

Next, I went to the top of this post below Add Contact Form.

Below the “M” in Form you will see a link. Click that link.

It will allow you to insert the website URL into a box that appears on your post.

Then click apply. It is an arrow going in the left direction. then click any space around the box and voila, you are done!

And here is the second type of lighting: Cross Key.

More next week when we do photo-something?

3 thoughts on “Lighting your Avatar”

  1. I’m glad you posted links about lighting techniques. I learned about them before in another class but it’s good to have a refresher on how you should place your lights and it makes such a huge difference in the quality of your photo.

    Sure, some things can be fixed in Photoshop but there’s only so much you can do when trying to make a lousy photo usable. It’s better to start off with a nice shot.

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