Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This was my first post. I didn’t edit or delete it but i feel I should go back and address it. When I first decided to blog, I guess I waited a week, though I have not re-read that blog. I was a bit undecided and nervous, as I remember. Wait, should I be saying this in the beginning if I have already done 9 other posts? I guess this is my opportunity to turn back time. If I had a Time and Relative Dimension in Space, I would. I am? I did! Well, looking back, I am satisfied with my theme, which was a chronicle of my blogging class. I suppose I should be doing this in a month, as we have 4 more classes, but I figure today is as good as tomorrow.  I just wanna thank all the little people who made this possible, and all the medium and all the big people too. I have had a little experience with wordpress back about 10 years ago, when an ex-gf popped back into my life to ask if I would work on a blog-book with her. So I worked on it with her for a bit but then I started my first master’s and she was getting engaged (she didn’t mention that, and I thought it was weird she appeared out of nowhere), and then we lost contact. The computer I had wordpress on was finally lost and that was that. Never thought I’d come back to it but alas, here I am! and here I go!

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