Creating Visual Content

In George Plumley’s “Teach Yourself Visually” WordPress, Chpt. 6 is Pictures are almost a perfect way to capture your readers attention. We live in a didactic world. Image is everything. The book recommends having a camera handy and take a picture of anything that you deem interesting. One image per page is sufficient. Use real people when possible, as stock photos come off as contrived. Below, I took a photo of pgs. 110-111 from the book, where I am taking my information from tonight.

Thinking Visually about Content

First, I took the photo with my camera.

Second, I uploaded it to my email.

Third, I emailed it to myself to transfer to the desktop.

Fourth, I opened my blog site and clicked on EDIT or ADD NEW POST.

Fifth, I entered the title “Creating Visual Content” from Chpt. 6. pg. 108 (Purple chapter).

Sixth, I consulted pg. 114 under “Upload and Insert an Image to a Post”.

Seventh, I clicked on the location (above) where I wanted to add my photo.

Eighth, I clicked “Add Media”.

Ninth, I opened my email and downloaded the picture to the desktop.

Tenth, I clicked select files and uploaded the image.

Eleventh, I selected the image and inserted it into the post.

Twelfth, I noticed that my original picture was blurry. So I clicked on the image and a menu appeared above.

Thirteenth, I clicked on the pencil icon.

Fourteenth, I edited the caption, which appeared beneath the picture. (I like how it printed. Simple yet elegant.)

Fifteenth, I looked down at the display settings and clicked “Full Size.”

Sixteenth, I clicked update, which returned me to this page.

Now my picture is clear!

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  1. Funny thing, I actually worked on a museum’s website once and, even though our CEO was all about mobile phones for pictures, they were no match for dedicated cameras in terms of quality. I remember getting a fantastic shot of the Enterprise shuttle when it was being brought in to NYC. Lot’s of people tried it on their phones but the plane was just too fast for them (at least back then).

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