Choosing a photo of a Prop for Photoshop

Once you have photographed your prop, choosing a photo is the next step. Below I will display 3 possibilities.


Exhibit A: Above is the Roscolux gel I burned two posts previous. This photo was taken from an angle where no objects obfuscate the others, but it was just a test to see what roscolene gel looked like on film. I will not use this photo as it doesn’t show any of the four objects clearly and would just be too much work to photoshop it.


Exhibit B: Above is a possible choice, taken with cross-key lighting on a green sweep. No objects obfuscate each other, and there seems to be a nice opportunity to photoshop out the glass stand suspending the snow scraper. I considered this but opted out as the angle seems a bit too far and the plate doesn’t quite reveal the details and looks a bit faded.


Exhibit C: Above is my choice. While the angle is still a little further up than I would like, the soft lighting adjusted makes the sweep look less green and more bluish, which brings out the colors of the plate, though I wish I had more details. But it also gives me the opportunity to not only airbrush out the clear plastic stand, but also a great chance to crop the photo length-wise.

So stay tuned to next week to see the transformation!


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